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Cosplay Sale! Lots of Costumes

I am a size 4; Bust 34, waist 25, hip 36.

All costumes are made to fit me, and now hopefully you!  Please feel free to message with specific questions regarding these costumes.
More info about construction or materials can be seen on my website under each costume's page: www.firelilycosplay.com

I have these listed on my Cosplay.com account, but I will also be posting them on my website when I get a chance.  Please take a look - everything MUST go!

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Cosplay 2011 and 2012

Wow, it's been such a long time since I've posted here!  Well, it seems the cosplay posts are going around, so I thought I'd measure up and post what I planned, achieved, and have planned for next year.

First up, my planned costumes for 2011:

And what I actually made this past year:

We have: Jenny from "Doctor Who," Athena from Greek Mythology, Lady Riddel Viper from "Chrono Cross," Miyamoto Rei from "Highschool of the Dead," Xenobia from "Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete," Nanai from "Avalon Code," Quistis Trepe and Irvine Kinneas from "Final Fantasy 8," Kisala from "Rogue Galaxy," Dr. Mrs. Cheerleader from "The Venture Bros," Nel Zelpher from "Star Ocean 3," and Kureha from "Shining Wind." 

While I made Jenny for New Years Eve, I didn't wear her until Tekkoshocon in April.  So, there you go!  Only changed out 2 for 1 out of my original plans but not a bad year at all!!

So, what can I possibly to do top myself next year, you ask?  Well, I'll show you *cue music*:

Let's see.  I'm not making anything new for Katsucon, as I already have plans to re-wear a lot of previous costumes for groups and such!  But here we go:

ACEN: Aurora - "Sleeping Beauty"
AMA: Red Queen variation - "Alice in Wonderland" and such, Celine Jules - "Star Ocean 2," possibly Jem from "Jem and the Holograms"
Otakon: possibly Jem from "Jem and the Holograms," Sonya Blade alternate costume - "Mortal Kombat (2011)," Callisto - "Xena: Warrior Princess"
MD Ren Faire: Lily - "Legend"
New York Comic Con: She-Ra - "She-Ra: Princess of Power," Rogue - "X-Men"
Youmacon: Quorra - "TRON: Legacy."  I'll also be making Clu and Flynn's black and white robe outfits for two of my friends!

Please keep in mind that this is only a preliminary list, and I don't even have everything listed.  Contents are subject to change :D  Can't wait to see you guys at Katsucon!  I'll be bringing:

AUSA is Here!

Anime USA is this weekend! I'm already so excited for this convention - it's my last con of the year and it's right in my backyard so I get to see a ton of my friends once more. I have two new costumes that I'm debuting for this weekend: Nel Zelpher from "Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time," and a surprise costume that I'm wearing to the Masquerade, so you'll have to attend Saturday night to see what it is!

So, here's my costume schedule for AUSA!

Friday - Nel Zelpher, "Star Ocean 3"
Friday night - Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, "The Venture Bros."
Saturday - come by the Masquerade to see!

Otakon!! And Cosplay Meme Part 4

Otakon is this weekend!!!  I've made three new costumes which I'm debuting this weekend: Kisala from "Rogue Galaxy" on Friday, and Quistis and Irvine for our Final Fantasy VIII group on Saturday! I am so excited for this group - it's going to be so awesome!! We are getting into Baltimore on Thursday night and can't wait to see many of the cosplayers coming from afar to visit Otakon. I'm also extremely excited to meet Nobuo Uematsu at the "Distant Worlds" concert on Saturday night - this has been such a dream come true for me! I can't wait to meet the man behind the music of so many video games that I love.

Honestly, this Otakon is shaping up to be the best yet and I'm so thrilled that I get to meet so many new people and spend time with so many friends. I'll try to have pictures up as soon I get them processed after the weekend, because I am so proud of these new costumes that I want to share them with you all right away!! As always, if you see me around, please don't hesitate to say hi - I'm always looking forward to meeting new people. Hope to see you at Otakon!

Arrive Thursday
Friday AM - Athena, Greek Gods Group
Friday PM - Kisala, Rogue Galaxy
Saturday - Quistis (my husband as Irvine)
Saturday night- NOBUO UEMATSU
Sunday - relaxing with friends


Cosplay Meme

The First Part

The Second Part

The Third Part

22. Have you worn cosplay in a regular situation? (eg. at school, to work)  Yes, I have worn cosplay outside of a convention or event, but It was my closet Nana cosplay, so it didn't look too unnatural. 

23. Your most expensive cosplay.  That would be Mina and Vlad from "Dracula."  Together they cost me over $1000 in materials and 3 months to make.  Yikes!!

24. Your most comfortable cosplay and most uncomfortable cosplay.  I don't really have one.  I try to make all my costumes comfortable, because if I can't stand being in it for a few minutes, I won't be able to wear it for a few hours.

25. The cosplay you put the most effort into.  Trick question.  I put the most effort into EVERY costume I make.  Even if it's simple, I make sure it's lined or the hems are overcast and all the seams are well done and clean.  I try to make everything as nicely as I can.

26. Any unfinished costumes? Will you ever finish them?  I have a partial Alice from Odin Sphere laying around - I really want to finish her sometime...she's so cute!

27. How many wigs do you own? Which is your favourite?  I have around 30 or so?  I absolutely love my Codex wig - I make a sassy redhead!!

28. Where do you work on your cosplays and where do you store them when they’re done?  In my sewing room and in my sewing room closet.

29. What is your favourite cosplay item? (eg. a pair of shoes, a wig)  All my costumes!  I love them all so much.  I wish I could be more specific but I just love everything that I make.

30. Describe cosplay in three words. No more, no less.  Fun.  Creative.  Rewarding.

Cosplay Meme Part 3

The First Part

The Second Part

16. Do you belong to any cosplay groups? If so, what are they?
  No, I don't belong to any "groups" for cosplay.  I do love to cosplay with friends, though, and will get some groups together from time to time.  Otherwise, I'm happy to be a lone wolf ^.^

17. What events have you cosplayed to?  Conventions, mostly, but also the Texas, Virgina, and Maryland Renaissance Festivals, Halloween (of course), costume parties, and this past year's National Cherry Blossom Festival in DC.

18. What is your best cosplay memory?  Mostly cosplaying with friends and having a great time!  Otakon 2010 was probably the best convention I've ever had, so we'll say that's the best memory for now.

19. What is your worst cosplay memory?  I could share that with you all, but the pat is the past for a reason.  No need to dredge up bad feelings ^__^

20. Have you won any cosplay awards?  I've won so many, they don't let me compete hardly anymore!  Just kidding...but seriously, a lot.  I have them listed with each costume on my website, if you are interested!

21. Show us your best cosplay derp photo! 
Um, there are quite a few...

To be continued!!

Cosplay Meme Part 2

The First Part

9. The dream cosplay that might just happen.
  I have a few, but this one will definitely happen.  If not this Halloween, then next year.  I've been growing my hair out for almost 3 years now just to make this costume!!

10. The dream cosplay that will never happen.  Like I said, I have a few dream costumes I'd love to make, but I think they are all attainable.  I have plenty of time in the coming years to really hunker down and try to make some of them.

11. Something cosplay-related that you will never do (eg. crossplay, cosplay from a certain series)  Yeah, Crossplay.  That will never happen.  I did it once a long time ago and I just don't fancy it.

12. Your cosplay idol.  If you mean the cosplay person I look up to for inspiration or guidance, I don't have one.  I find inspiration in lots of cosplayers -  some friends, others not.  But no one particular person drives me to do what I do.  I suppose if you want to get technical, I should look up to all the costume designers and artists who dream up the costumes I want to make!  It's thanks to them that I get to have all the fun of recreating such lovely works of wearable art!

13. Your cosplay specialty (ie. something that seems to apply to a large amount of your cosplays, it could be a specific series, or a common feature in their appearance, such as glasses)  Sewing - plain and simple.  I really excel at sewing just about anything (if I may be so bold in saying).  I also have a knack for cheap or found object props and details...I love recycling ^.^

14. Your cosplay-making habits (eg. singing while working on cosplay)
  I have to sew or work to music.  I can't do it in silence.  I also procrastinate until I have to really stress out and finish my costume sin a hurry.  What can I say - I do my best work under pressure of a deadline!

15. Your least favourite thing about cosplay.
  How slowly I work sometimes.  I can take forever on the smallest details because I have to make my costumes perfectly and get all the details correct.  

More coming soon!!

Cosplay Meme

I'm taking a day off cosplay today since it's the holiday weekend.  I just don't have any motivation to sew right now :)  So I thought I'd try this cosplay meme that's been going around!
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AMA is Almost Here!

I've made a full report on my website: FireLilyCosplay.com

But for a quick run down, I'm hosting two panels:

"So You Think You Can Sew?" - Friday at 6pm in Workshop 1 (This panel was a huge success last year and I'm proud to be giving it again this year!!): A step up from "Cosplay 101," this panel addresses more intricate details of sewing and cosplaying. Do you need know how to roll a hem or overlock an edge without using a serger? Do french seams have you puzzled? Do you want to expand your fabric choices? Then this is the panel for you! Learn how to make your costume as pretty on the inside as it is on the outside and how to bring your cosplay construction to the next level.


"Cosplay Armor and Weapons" - Sunday at 10am in Workshop 1: So, you are in need of armor and/or weapons for your costume? No problem! Join Fire Lily as she walks you through the basics of armor and weapon construction using materials such as craft foam, cardboard, paper mache, insulation foam, Paperclay, found objects, and more! Learn how to visualize your project and what materials to use to bring it life.

Here's my costume schedule:

Friday - Briar Rose from "Sleeping Beauty"
Saturday early day - Marisa from "Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones" with some lovely cosplayers from Florida!
Saturday late day/Masquerade - Nanai from "Avalon Code"
Sunday early day - Rei from "HighSchool of the Dead"


I'll also be judging the Hall Costume Contest on Friday from 7-9pm, and Saturday morning from 9-11am, and attending the Masquerade Saturday 6-8pm! I hope to see a lot of you at the convention - please come say hi if you see me!

Costumes for Sale!!

I need to sell a few costumes to make some room in my ever-growing sewing room, so here's what I am offering! Click the picture for more information and pictures of each costume. Shipping price will be determined by method of shipping and destination. Please message me here or email me at firelily@firelilycosplay.com for inquiries!

Priestess Rao from Okami

This costume includes: White under robe, purple over robe, yellow obi and bow, white hood with red ball decor. Wig, shoes and fan are NOT included.
I am size 33.5" bust, 25.5" natural waist, 36-37" hip. Robes are made to fit 34C cup. Obi fits well, but can fit up to 27 inch waist.
Asking price is $65

Tomoyo Daidouji from Cardcaptor Sakura/CLAMP artwork

This costume includes: Blue dress, blue hat. Wig, shoes and gloves are NOT included.
I am size 33.5" bust, 25.5" natural waist, 36-37" hip. Dress made to fit 34A cup (I wore a size 34A workout bra under this since Tomoyo is a child). Waist can fit up to 27 inches. Hat fits a 20-21 inch head (allows for wig room).
Asking price is $50

Beauxbatons student uniform from "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"

This costume includes: Blue dress, blue jacket. Wig, wand and shoes are NOT included.
I am size 33.5" bust, 25.5" natural waist, 36-37" hip. Dress made to fit 34B cup, but is tight fitting and can fit a smaller bust size. Jacket is form fitting.
Asking price is $75

Lei Fang - Auk Swimsuit from Dead or Alive Xtreme 2: SOLD

Mishima Reika from RahXephon: SOLD


I'm Still Alive

I'm still here!  I know I've been MIA for a while, but I've been really busy.  Following the Cherry Blossom Festival and Tekkoshocon, I started working on a new costume, Nanai from "Avalon Code," for AMA and lots of other fun things, such as starting the new season of Doctor Who, getting ready for the birth of my friends' daughter Kaylee, watching "Game of Thrones," updating my website a bit, making a steampunk costume commission for some nice people, and hanging out with lots of my friends (I think there was a trip to King's Dominion and some yard work somewhere in there, too!).

So, I'm still around, just moving along and trying to get things finished.

But, yes, website update.